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Bigpond Email Technical Support; The common issues and their countermeasures

No doubt, emails are extremely important tools to connect people from different areas ranging from education to corporate and personal to professional sectors. Today, in the flood of email service providers, BigPond claims as a versatile platform to perform email functions. It is embedded with several features which all are easily accessible with a simple mouse click. A user can access its old messages also at the time when he is offline.

A brief About Bigpond

Bigpond changed their name to Telstra Media in the year 2013. Telstra Media is a world-famous Australian Internet Service provider, based in Melbourne. If we go through the current scenario, Telstra provides 17.4 million mobile services and 3.5 million retail broadband services. In the 21st century, when competition level in digital media and internet technology is at its peak, Telstra offers the best service opportunities to the clients of businesses, government institutes, individuals and communities.

As per globalization in internet technology and increasing numbers of Email service providers, where at one side people are getting lots of benefits while accessing their emails accounts, on the other side; they are inviting a lot of security threats wandering around the internet world. Also, multiple technical issues are encountered while operating email services. Same is with BIGPOND email. Therefore, to safeguard mail and overcome all technical issues, there is a need for a reliable BigPond Email Technical Support.

A common user of Bigpond mail, may found three basic reasons:

1 Password does not fulfil criteria for minimum standards

Checking compatibility of the password is the first point to check. Your account password should be a combination of the upper case & lower case characters along with numeric. It should be as per currently accepted ASCII value characters are 33-126.

Capital letters A-Z

Small Letters a-z

Numbers 0-9

Symbols: underscore, -hyphen and _underscore

2 User continues with obsolete settings

Server settings and new mail platform settings have been changed. It is recommended to use advanced IMAP settings for synchronizing your emails with all devices. These are discussed below:

Account type- POP3

Incoming server address-

Incoming server port- 995

Encrypted connection- SSL

Outgoing server address-

Outgoing server port- 465 or 587 of which 465 is recommended

Authentication- Yes

Encrypted connection- SSL encryption

Username and Password

     o Type full email address with ‘’, ‘’ and’

     o Enter email password

3 Account receives a lot of spam

In case your account has been compromised with excess spams, it may be suspended. To overcome this issue, keep all security-related programs updated to make then free from spams. In case of any technical issue, take help from BigPond Email Technical support via phone.

Other than this, some other major concerns associated with BigPond Emails are:

Error while installation and updating of BigPond

Account configuration problem

Error in account integration

Not able to archive emails

Authentication, mail crash and hanging issue

Problem in emails in Inbox and outbox section

Locked, hacked or blocked email account

Forgot password issue

Not able to use email features of Bigpond Mail using browser

Email contact missing issue and many more.

The user-facing above mentioned or many other kinds of email issues in their Big Pond, will try to take help from Bigpond Official support. Being a significantly larger emailing platform and a well-known Internet company, it provides reliable support to its customers via different mediums as per clients’ choice. There is a provision of support through chats, forums as well as official Facebook, Twitter or gplus pages. Some of the famous Bigpond official support links are discussed below:

Bigpond/Telstra Official Support Links

Bigpond official support link
Official link to troubleshoot internet connection
Official link to troubleshoot WIFI
Link to troubleshoot all kinds of email related issues
Official support for help related to broadband connections
Link to community

Advantages of BigPond Email Technical Support

Email users should understand that Bigpond does not provide direct phone call support to its users, therefore, many times the complex and urgent technical requirements of users get delayed or remain unsolved. At this juncture, there arises the need for a supportive platform from where a BigPond user can put his/her queries comfortably and gets back relevant solution within seconds. There are numerous advantages associated with technical support solution provided by BIGPOND. Some of them are mentioned below:

Affordable prices, sometimes mere costs

Effective assistance both on chat and phone as per convenience of the user

Assured and guaranteed solution

Easy connectivity with expert techies on phone call

Medium to communicate with Brilliant Minds

Not only these, but there are various other reasons which make third-party BigPond Email Technical Support more efficient and reliable than the help provided by official website pages of Bigpond. They have all necessary tools, techniques and resources which help them to identify the root cause of the problem and solve it efficiently.

How is Telstra/ Bigpond Third Party Support Better than Official Customer Care Service?

To know the difference, you can go to following comparison chart:

Comparison Chart

BigPond Official Support

BigPond Third Party Support

Streamlined operations which can take too much time to end user Customized solution as per clients’ needs
Sometimes issues remain unidentified due to communication barriers Phone call help clears out all issues just in seconds
Not always quick, sometimes users get a response to their queries for a long while. Quick, reliable and satisfying solutions
No remote support for complex problems Remote support available 24*7
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