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The process to start your journey with a cash app is very simple. You just have to create your account on a cash app and you are ready to make payments within the country. However, all online applications come with restrictions, so with the cash app. People might be in doubt that they can uninterruptedly use a cash app to send unlimited amounts of money to someone. But they might be wrong because the cash app has put limitations on their transitions. So, if you want to know Can you cash APP $800 or not then you have to read this blog till the end.

Cash app basically deals with two types of users. Few of them are genuine ones and use the cash app daily. While some customers use the cash app very rarely to split bills or pay at grocery stores. If you are a regular user of a cash app then you should verify your account to continue doing uninterrupted payments. Whereas, if you use a cash app rarely and haven’t verified it yet, you will definitely face problems later when you try to pay a higher amount to someone. In this blog, we will discuss the actual transferring limit of verified and unverified customers. Additionally, we will also tell you the official method to verify your account from the application.

Is there a cash limit on Cash App?

All banking applications available in the market come with a daily transaction limit. Even a traditional bank has its limit and it doesn’t allow users to send more than the defined limit. Similarly, a basic cash app account comes with a weekly sending limit of $250 and receiving limit of $1000for a month. In case., you want to increase this limit for emergencies then you can simply do it by verifying your account. After verification, you would be able to send $7500 in a week and receive an unlimited amount of money.

Also, the complete verification process takes 24-48 hours. So, it would be better to apply for verification as soon as you start to use the cash app account. We do not see a drawback of account verification to date. Also, it will definitely help you in your hard times when you need to immediately transfer a huge amount to someone.

Does cash App accept 800?

The Cash app provides a very small limit of $250 for a period of 7 days. So, definitely, you will not be able to send $800 in one go with a basic account. If you essentially want to send this much amount of money from your cash app account then you have to verify your account. You can apply for verification only if you are more than 18 years of age and have a government-provided social security number. Here are the complete steps for account verification.

  • Initially, download and open the cash app account.
  • Create your account on a cash app by providing the required details.
  • After this, go to the profile section in the application and click on the “verify my account” option.
  • Here you have to enter your complete name, last four digits of your SSN, and your date of birth mentioned on the government Id proof.
  • Click on the “Verify” button after entering all the details correctly. The team will either verify your account on the first go or will contact you for further confirmation.

Additionally, if you think that the above-mentioned process is lengthy then there is an alternative method for you. In this, you have to make payments of more than your basic limit. As you click on the “Pay” button, it eventually takes you to the verification page. Now follow the instructions appearing on the screen to verify the account.

Also, if you are not 18 years of age then you will not be able to verify your cash app account. Still, you can continue to use the cash app with your basic limits. Apart from this, the cash app also provided the facility of a business account. Users who frequently need to make payments on a cash app to their employees can choose to register for a business account. Cash app customer support representatives are providing complete assistance to the users for a business account. You can contact them to know how to register for this. Also, they will tell you about the limit of a business account on a cash app.

You can contact the cash app customer support team through the helpline number or by email. They will make sure to solve your problems as soon as possible. So that you can continue to use the cash app like before.

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