How can I immediately fix my Facebook not working issue on my iPhone?


Methew September 4, 2020   443 Views

Facebook is acknowledged as one of the convenient and easy-going applications in everyone’s life. 90% of the global population is using this reliable social networking site to remain updated with the daily news and connect with their known ones. We just have to do a few taps to connect with our friends or relatives living miles away. Thus, it became heart-breaking for all of us if we face Facebook not working while chatting with them. Though these might be just because of some minor negligence. But they can cause several bad impacts among relatives. Hence, we all must know to fix these on our own to avoid any immediate hassle.

Also, Facebook plays an important role in celebrating the important days of our dear ones by sending notification. In case you see that notifications not working on Facebook, then you will be truly in a troubling situation. As we don’t have time to keep remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and other events of our friends. So, Facebook notified us about all the necessary events.

If you are not getting a notification about comments or events. Then you can set it up manually from the notification settings. Here is the stepwise guidance to enable Facebook notification settings on iPhone:

  • Go to your iPhone “Settings” from the home screen
  • Search for notification on the list and then go to the “Facebook” application.
  • Now click on “Allow Notifications” to turn on the Facebook notification and receive push notifications.

Apart from this, the second major issue that almost every Facebook user has faced is when our Facebook images are not loading. When we talk about Facebook images, there are lots of categories in it. There are feeds, stories, uploading images, business profiles images, and many others. When we face Facebook not working or not able to load images then we need to do a list of things to fix this. Here is the list of things that can fix our Facebook not loading issue.

  • Facebook server: Server is a vital component of all online applications. In spite of being a successful application, the Facebook server can get down sometimes. In this situation, the whole features of Facebook start lagging and unable to load themselves. However, there are several third-party applications available in the market that can help to measure the server strength. They will simply show you the exact server strength of Facebook along with the status. If the server status is healthy your Facebook will work fine. Otherwise, you will face issues in loading and uploading images.
  • Internet connection: All online applications need strong internet connectivity for smooth processing. If your Facebook images not loading or you are not able to upload images on Facebook due to poor internet connection then we suggest you go for separate connectivity. Sometimes connecting multiple devices to a single Wi-Fi also reduces the internet speed. Hence Facebook experts suggest private connections.
  • Enable loading images in the browser setting: Sometime when we are short with data, we disable the images to save internet data. But later on, we forgot to enable it again. So, make sure to check if you have disabled the Facebook images in the browser. If it is so, then enable it again to see all the images in the browser as well as in the application.
  • Check for VPN software: VPN software or antiviruses protect our system from malware and harmful files. When we see that our Facebook images are not loading then we can check for the VPN software. It might be possible that images are not loading due to some security issues. We can also do it by disabling the antivirus software on our device.

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