How Do I Fix My Gmail Account?


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Well! Your Gmail opens with the google account, and while making google account you need to provide some of your important details. If you are new to Gmail or facing some issue with your Google account, then stay here, we will let you know how to create and fix your Gmail Account. So without a hurry start the description.

Creating A Gmail Account

To get access to all Gmail services and benefits, you need to register with your Google account. You can use username, and password in order to sign in to your Gmail and other products like google play, drive, youtube, etc.

  • Visit official Gmail account creation page
  • Follow onscreen stems to register your according to the needs of google
  • It is recommended to enter only correct and verified details while registering yourself on google account. As it will help you recover your account anytime in the future when there is some technical issue.

Potential issues which You can Face While creating Google Account

Username already taken

This short message is most often visible at the time when the user selects his user name while registering the google account. This message is displayed owing to google’s user name policy.

You will not be able to receive any Gmail address in case the username requested by you is

  • Already used by someone else
  • Similar to existing username
  • As same as the google username that was previously used and deleted by someone else
  • Reserved by google in order to stop abuses, spams, thefts or other cybercrimes.

Somone is impersonated you

  • In case you find that someone is creating a Gmail address, and he/she is trying to act as your identity, google has provision for you to take action against them. For this,
  • You can file a report against him on the official complaint center of internet crime.
  • You can also connect with the consumer protection office of your state.

Utilizing your Gmail Account for your Business

Well! Gmail offers you both personal and business accounts. For your business purpose, in Inspite of using a personal Google account, you should use the G Suite account. However, there is a standard per month charge of $6, with the following offerings:

  • Professional good looking and highly customized ad-free Gmail account that uses the domain name of your company. For example-
  • You will be the sole owner of the employee account, therefore you will always be in touch with all files, accounts and important documents of your company.
  • Availability of 24×7 Gmail Account Support through various means of communication.
  • Increased storage both for Gmail and google drive
  • Excellent mobile management making your data secure.
  • Progressive standards of administration and security

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