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No doubt yahoo mail offers stupendous facilities and this is the reason why this yahoo mail facility is becoming very popular day by day. An interesting question that wonders in the mind of various users can forward yahoo mails to another mail account. Is this phenomenon possible and if it is possible then how. If someone wants a quick answer then one can go for AT&T yahoo mail customer service. It will make you clear about how this phenomenon is possible.

Steps involved in forwarding Yahoo mail messages to another account

To make this happen it is essential to have your yahoo mail account in classic mode.

Access your mail from yahoo mail website

Now hover your mouse over the gear icon on the upper right corner of the page.

Go to settings now from the menu that opens up. Now select accounts from the left.

Now under Email section click the email account from which you desire to forward message from.

Now access your yahoo mail elsewhere section and put a check in the box lying next to forward.

Now enter the email address of the account to which your yahoo mail messages must be forwarded in future.

Now chose store and forward and mark it as read.

Now click verify button now log in your email address that you have provided in the previous step.

Click save.

By following these steps you can easily forward your yahoo mails to another email account. If you face any problem regarding this then contact AT&T yahoo customer service.

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