Gmail Customer Service : How to automate email engagement with filters?


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Gmail filters are the most powerful features of the Gmail which allow users to set their own customizations for performing specific actions when the message arrives in the inbox. One can create filters on the basis of the sender, subject line, content of message and attachments. To avail most advantageous benefits from Gmail filters, you need to choose certain actions and customize filters as per your preferences. Gmail Customer Service is also an effective way to know the functionality of email filters in an efficient manner.

You can select below-mentioned options:

  • Forward
  • Mark as read
  • Archive and skip the inbox
  • Mark with a star
  • Never mark as important
  • Always mark as important
  • Apply with a specific label
  • Delete
  • Never send to spam
  • Categorize on the basis of tabs like social, primary etc.

Important point to remember

However, Gmail filters are an excellent utility to save your valuable time while searching particular mail in the inbox, still, the use of generic filters may lead to missing of important messages. The best method to achieve accurate results is using the email address of the sender as filter’s initial step.

Gmail Customer Service tips to create filters

  • Click down arrow in the search box.
  • Enter your filter criteria.
  • Click the link “create a filter for this search”.

You can also include multiple senders in the same filter by separating sender’s email address with the word “OR”. For example- OR

For managing filters as per your preferences, go to Gmail Settings page using filter tab. Here, you can create, delete, import, edit and export all your existing filters.

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