How to fix the problems related to Google Voice?


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Today, we can see some cloud-based phone systems that work effectively to make our life sorted and simplified, Google Voice is among one of them that is considered the best one. With this, you’ll get multiple outstanding services at highly affordable pricing. The best part is that it allows you to take your phone with you wherever you want to. These days, Google Voice has become the best alternative to mobile devices. It’s a great way which is mainly a voice-over Internet protocol (VoIP) phone service. As it’s a new technology, many users might feel confused about its features of pricing. Many people want to know if Google Voice still free or not.

There can be many technical issues and queries related to Google Voice that needs quick rectification of all the problems. If you want to get them resolved without any hassle then try contacting the Google Voice support team. Let’s see some of the technical problems and their solutions provided by the technical support team.

Is Google Voice still free?

One of the incredible things to notice about Google Voice is that it is highly extremely affordable. The best part is that Google Voice still free to sign up and if you’re using it to communicate between your Google Voice number and other U.S numbers. Google Voice is free for making calls and sending text messages in the US.

For making calls in other countries or overseas, you’ll need to add some credits to your account to pay for service and to get started with Google voice service. In most cases, the fees are very low such as a few cents per minute.

Does Google Voice use your phone number?

One of the most common questions that users ask is if Google Voice uses your phone number. Well, Google Voice won’t use your phone number as you will get an option to use the Google voice’s number. It’ll give you a phone number for making calls, text messaging, and voicemail. With this service, you can use it on smart phones as well as computers. You’re also free to sync your devices so that you can use the app at the home, office, or on the go.

If you’ve more technical queries to ask then feel free to connect with the Google Voice support team.

How do I get a Google Voice number for free?

If you want to get a Google Voice number for free then go through these steps:

  • Open web browser visit
  • Just sign in to your Google account.
  • Read all the terms of service and privacy policy and then accept it.
  • You need to choose your area code or city for the phone number.
  • Once you have the number that you want, press Select. Now, connect your Google Voice number to your actual phone.

How Does Google Voice Work?

If you want to know about the process of “Google Voice Work” on Android then go through this mention instructions:

  • At first, sign up for Voice and then get your number
  • Now, you need to make sure that your phone is on and you can get messages.
  • On your Android device, you’ll have to download the Google Voice app.
  • Open the Go through the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and then tap Continue.
  • In this step, tap Search to pick your Voice number
  • Now, you’ll need to search by city or area code for a number.
  • If you’re not getting any number available in the area you want then you must try somewhere nearby.
  • Next to the number you want, you need to tap on Select and then follow the instructions.

The Google Voice support team will help you in at every step if you’re finding yourself stuck with some technical problems. The techies are available all day all night for your technical help.

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