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Cash App payments are secure, instant, and hassle-free. You’re free to send instant money to the recipient and receive it from anyone. One of the greatest features of cash app is cash app card through which one can easily pay bills at the retail shop to the merchants. Regardless of many features, users sometimes get stressed because of not able to access the old cash app account. Forgotten or lost password of cash app can prevent you from accessing the account. Fortunately, there are ways to access my cash app account if you have forgotten the password. Any glitch that is related to the login of the account can be rectified promptly with technical support service.

Accessing the old cash app account

The simple way that can help you to get an access old cash app account is listed below.

  • Let’s start the process by creating a new account on cash app but your details should be the same as of the old account.
  • After creating the account, make sure to activate the cash app card. Next, link the account to the bank account and debit card. When you are activating the card, mention the same Social Security Number and other details in a brief manner
  • When you have updated all the details, move to the option of cash support. Here you will get to see your Cash App Application.
  • In this step, you just have to tap on the Can’t Access Old Account
  • From your email, the user is needed to drop a request related to the old account.

After this, the request will get submitted via email to the Cash Support Team. Now, there’ll be a verification of your old account and new account. This will help to merge your both account. Once both the account will get merged, you can easily access the old account.

Getting money from old cash app account

If your both the new and old account has been merged then you’ll be able to get your money from the old account. The users can only get money from the old cash app account by verifying that you’re the same account holder of the old account. For this, you need to show some details to the cash app support team and these details need to of your bank account and security number.

The verification process will help the cash app team to merge your both account. After this, you can transfer money from old to your new cash app account.

Steps to access Cash app with New Phone Number

If anyhow you’ve lost your access to the cash app account then it is possible to regain access by entering a new phone number. Are you fed of the problem-can’t access my cash app account? Here are the steps that you must follow to get access to the account back:

  • Just create a new cash app account by entering a new email address and phone number
  • In your new cash app account, tap the profile icon
  • Now, scroll down to the bottom and click on something else
  • Look for the option of “Can’t Access Account”
  • Here, you just need to click on “Contact Support”.

Under the contact support section, describe your issue of can’t access my cash app account. You’ll get help for this from the technical team of professionals.

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