Problems customers face while using Gmail and easy remedies to fix them:


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Gmail has been providing seamless service to its customers since its inception. But sometimes customers fail to use its all features due to technical faults in their application or device. Here in this blog, we will tell some common issues and remedies to fix them. Apart from this, we will also tell you about some common ways to contact Gmail customer service.

  • Not receiving email from a particular email address: Gmail provides us multiple features and blocking someone is one of them. Generally, customers choose to block when they don’t want to receive emails from that particular person. But if you are not receiving email from a particular person and you haven’t even blocked them intentionally on Gmail, then you must have done it mistakenly. If this is the case then you can check you blocked users from the settings. Moreover, if you want to unlock them then click on the unblock option showing next to their name.
  • Gmail showing offline: Sometimes we see an offline issue on Gmail even after using a wi-fi connection. This should be due to excessive cache files in the device. Hence, in this case, we suggest our users clean the cache and cookies file from the browser to boost up the performance.
  • The problem in attaching files: We all need to attach several files while sending a mail on Gmail. If you are unable to attach files in the email then you need to update the flash plugin. Apart from this disabling the proxy server will also work if the issue is due to the server. Moreover, if both the methods don’t work then turn off the firewall on your device to attach files. There must be some malware in the file due to which you are unable to upload that file.
  • Gmail is not loading: Gmail not loading issue is very common among customers. This issue basically arises when customers use slow internet connections. This is the prime reason why we suggest our users use a Wi-Fi connection.
  • Recover a deleted email: It happens many times that we deleted an important email in a hurry while deleting the unnecessary promotional emails. If this happens to you then you can recover your deleted email from the trash box. Most people don’t know that once they delete an email it goes to the trash box. The email remains here for up to 30 days. So, if you want to recover a deleted message then check the trash box as soon as you remember that it was important. Moreover, if 30 days have already passed then there are no other ways to recover that mail. Moreover, we still suggest you contact Gmail customer service to know if there is some other way to recover that email.

How do I contact Gmail support?

Those who want to contact Gmail for their issue can directly call on the 24*7 customer service numbers. Additionally, you can also contact third-party merchants to solve your Gmail related issues promptly via a call. Apart from this you can also send an email to their official website or can raise a chat through the application or website.

Moreover, if you are facing some common glitch with the Gmail application then we suggest you refer to the Frequently asked questions. You will get the correct answer to all your basic issues like changing passwords, recovering a google account, and many others. Gmail support executives are trained well to cater to every query of customers with utmost perfection.

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