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How To Make Google Homepage

Google homepage is used to set the search engine choice. From this blog, you will get to know about how to make google homepage on Chrome, and Internet Explorer. Nowadays people generally prefer to use Google as a search engine so why always search Google on chrome, internet explorer just simply make Google as your homepage and directly use Google as your search engine. For making Google as your homepage you can follow the steps described below. If in case you are not able to do so then just contact to our Google Customer Service.

Make Google Homepage From Chrome

Open the chrome browser and click on the 3 vertical dot icon which is usually present at the top and on the right-hand side of your screen. After clicking on the icon you will be able to see one down from there click on the setting

On clicking the setting option next page will from there again click on the setting icon and then from the setting drop-down click on the search engine option.


On clicking the option search engine selection page will open from there choose Google as your search engine. By just following these steps you can make Google homepage from chrome browser.


Make Google Homepage From Internet Explorer

Open Internet Explorer browser from there click on the setting option which is usually present on the top right corner of the screen.

On clicking the setting option drop down will appear from there click on internet option.

Thereafter, the search engine selection page will appear. On the search engine page in create a home box enter http// and then click on the ok button given below on the screen. On clicking the ok option Google home page in internet explorer browser will get selected.



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