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How To Sign Up For Facebook?

In this modern world, individuals like to use various social networking platforms. Among the various social networking platform, Facebook is one of the popular sites. If you are a new Facebook user and facing difficulties in creating an account on Facebook then there is no need to worry as now on the internet different write-ups of Facebook Sign Up are present. This How To Sign Up For Facebook blog also guides you in creating and setting up the Facebook account in an easy manner. In this blog directions and images for creating a Facebook account are present. The images present in the blog will make clear your all doubts.

Steps To Sign Up For Facebook

At first, open your device and after that open the search browser.

In search browser box type and then just hit the enter button.

On hitting the enter button Facebook Sign Up page will get open on your device screen.

On the Facebook Sign Up page mention First Name, Last Name, Email address, Re-enter email id, New Password, Date of Birth, Choose Gender.

After mentioning all the Facebook sign up details click on the Sign-Up tab.

Facebook Sign Up

On clicking the Sign-Up tab another page will from there you can find your friends. It is mot necessary to complete the step and if you don’t want to do this then skip the step.

Thereafter the Profile Information page will get open. In order to set up the Facebook Profile you need to mention School Name, College Name, Company name, Hometown name. After entering the details click on the Save & Continue option. If you want then you can skip this step.

Facebook Profile Information

On clicking the save and continue button next page of setting up Facebook Profile picture will get open. On that page, user needs to upload his/her profile picture

Facebook Profile

After uploading the picture click on the “Save & Continue” button. On clicking the button your Facebook Home page will get and now you will able to use your new Facebook Account.

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