How to Snooze I Cloud Mail Via I Cloud Customer Service


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I cloud is a free Email service facility from Apple with ample storage and an IMAP access. I cloud has several features as a mailing application but some people are not aware they can snooze their mails using I cloud not via web mail interface but they completely support IMAP and this clearly means that you have an option of using another mail program like Mail spring to snooze Email messages. If you don’t know anything about it then with the aid of I Cloud Customer Service everything will become crystal clear to you.

Steps to snooze Emails in I Cloud account

  • Download Mail spring: This is the first step you have to follow if you wish to snooze your emails in I cloud account. It possesses some great features like customizable themes, windows shortcuts etc. And it runs efficiently in Windows 7,8,& 10
  • Sign into I Cloud account: Run Mail spring and go for choosing IMAP settings. Now enter the connection settings for your I Cloud account and now click continue. Now Mail Spring will let you check I cloud mails and you will not need the Webmail interface.
  • Snooze messages in your inbox: Click the snooze icon in the toolbar and choose a time when you would like to return emails to your inbox. Now mail spring will conceal the messages till that time which is chosen by you. Now you have completed the process of snoozing I Cloud account’s messages.

If you confront any difficulty performing these steps then you can freely contact I Cloud Customer Service.



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