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Know about creation of Hotmail account via Hotmail Support

Some of the users might be infuriating, when their Hotmail account gets attacked by numerous spam emails every day. To annihilate such hiccups, the users want a safe, secure and spam-free mailbox. Hence, at that point Hotmail is the most convenient choice for them. The proven anti-spam filter has the ability to keep away the phishing email from the inbox. Along with such feature, the users may also access Skype and Xbox Live with Hotmail account. That’s why all the people should have Hotmail account nowadays but if anyone doesn’t have, then they should take Hotmail Support to know the steps of creating Hotmail account.

Have a glimpse on the below points at once:

  • Click on “Create account” option which is placed at the top right corner of sign-up page.
  • Fill-up the form by entering First name, Last name.
  • Enter the User name in “New email” box and choose from drop-down menu.
  • Now, create password with minimum 8-characters and it must be case sensitive also.
  • Make the password as strong as possible.
  • Re-enter the password.
  • And then click “Create account blue bar” and it’s done.

Hence, the sign-up for new Hotmail account process has been completed and the users may have fun along with its ultimate features. But if the users are confronting any types of glitches while creating new Hotmail account, they should make an instant call at Hotmail Support Number where, they will get a chance to take assistance from techies who are experienced as well as skilled.


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