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Facebook  Marketplace work is a platform where users can catalog, buy, sell, and peddle items with locals in their suburb. It is a developing community of certified buyers who are itching to make a purchase. And in this business, if they face any issue like blockage of their marketplace on Facebook, they will be hit hard. So they need immediate ways to unblock my marketplace on Facebook.

Much of the users have reported that the Facebook Marketplace work platform has suddenly vanished while they did not breach policies. After investigation, it was found that the issue was due to a major glitch in the system.

Therefore, we are here to provide the users with the methods to unblock, marketplace on Facebook, to know why their Facebook marketplace is blocked, to get unblocked from their Facebook marketplace, etc.

How do I unblock my marketplace on Facebook?

Facebook App has released a support form to help the customers who have appealed Marketplace block, or ban whatever the name is.

  • Firstly, one needs to submit the Facebook Marketplace Appeal form.
  • On account of this, the Facebook support team will contact them within 24 hours.
  • If one has not violated the Facebook marketplace features, then the Marketplace app icon will start to appear on the Facebook App again.
  • One should go to the “Appeal form” and fill their name, the provided fields, and the detailed issue faced by them.
  • After filling the form, one has to binge on the “Submit” button.
  • Then a notification will be sent to the user which mentions that the Appeal form was submitted successfully and they will get a notification within one or two business days.
  • To get the latest update of the status of their request, one should frequently check on it through their support inbox at Facebook support.

How do I get unblocked from the marketplace?

  • Simply, one needs to submit the very Facebook Marketplace appeal form and the support team will connect within 24 hours.
  • If one did not breach the buy and sell feature policies,i.e., the marketplace features, then the Marketplace app icon will begin to appear on the mobile app again.
  • First, one should go to the “Appeal form” and fill in their name, the required fields, and the detailed issue.
  • After the completion of filling the form, one has to tap on the “Submit” button.
  • A notification message will be received by the user which specifies that the form was submitted successfully and they will get a notification within one or two business days.
  • One can always check the status of their request through their support inbox at Facebook support.

Why is the marketplace blocked?

Some people block others from doing something on Facebook generally in these cases:-

Case-1. If someone has shared or posted something which seems to be suspicious or abusive to the security systems.

Case-2. If someone has done something that does not follow the Community Standards.

Case-3. If someone has sent messages or friend requests which were marked unwelcome.

How do I block someone in the marketplace?

  • To block someone on the Marketplace, one should first go to the “Your Items” section.
  • Then one has to choose the communication thread with the seller or buyer they want to block.
  • Once they have selected the conversation, they will see the name of the person at the top of their screen.
  • After clicking on the name, the Marketplace profile of the person will be displayed.
  • At the bottom of the profile, one has the option to report that person.
  • Clicking on the “Report” button, and thereafter clicking on the “Something else” option, one will get an option to block the person.
  • So this is how one can block someone on Facebook Marketplace.

How can I avoid these blocks in the future ?

In order to avoid blockages like this in the future, one can follow a few of these instructions which have been mentioned below:-

  • One should deeply review the Community Standards and understand what kind of postings and sharings are allowed on Facebook.
  • One must only message people they already know.
  • One should only send friend requests to people they already know.

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