Why am I facing Google’s not working issue?


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Google services have made our life so easy that nowadays we can’t even think about doing our work without google. From remembering important dates to guide us the way to a nearby restaurant, google is superlative at everything. The most popular of them all is the google search service that will help you to find anything available on the internet with a single click. In this complex situation, a google not working issue can push you into extreme trouble. People face google problems in everyday life. Hence, we have provided some common ways to fix google issues.

People are using maps, calendars, chrome, news, sports, and other countless applications of google on a daily basis.

  • Customers basically use Google calendar to set reminders of important dates. You will never let you miss a birthday or anniversary of your special one with a google calendar. If you are observing a google calendar not working issue on your device then it must be due to an outdated version of the application.
  • It is really frustrating to find a remote location in metropolitan cities. Hence people use google maps in case of emergency to locate their workplaces and other remote locations. It is troubling to imagine ourselves in a situation where we get stuck in an unknown place and see google maps not working Although it is not a common issue with google service. But
  • Moreover, if your google chrome is not working then you can simply update the application from the google play store to fix this error. Other than this, if the issue persists for long then check for the internet connectivity. There cannot be any other reason for google chrome not working.

Apart from this, people also face issues with google search services now and then. They are basically unaware of the main reason behind these issues. Hence unable to combat the situation. But if they get to know that this issue is because of the slow internet. Then they don’t have to search for anything else.

How do you fix Google has stopped working?

Google not working issues are common with every user, and the remedies to fix those issues are the same as every application. If you will contact the google support team then they will also suggest you the same tips to fix the google application.

  • Firstly, the user requires an internet connection to operate all google applications.
  • Make sure to clean the cache and cookies from your device if you are facing any issue with google apps. Moreover, if the issue is with a particular application then you have to clean the cache for that specific application.
  • Reset your devices to cancel all the previous tasks. This will cool down your device and bring back its performance to the neutral state.
  • Always use the updated version of any application to get an irreplaceable experience. You can download or update all applications on an android device from the google play store. This is the only tool to manage all the applications in an android device.
  • Apart from this, an updated operating system is similarly important for the hassle-free working of a google application. You have to update the operating system to the latest version to fix the google assistant not working issue on your device.

People generally try to contact google support whenever they are stuck in such a situation. But if you are unable to contact then this blog will really help you to get out of the situation with the utmost ease.

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