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Terms and Conditions

The main purpose of this section is to bring awareness to our clients about some of the important rules decided by our company. We suggest you to keep checking our terms & conditions after a certain time period as we update them periodically.

As a declaration in our terms & conditions, we commit to secure personal detail and valuable information of users. Also, there will be no any misuse of customers’ personal data.

A) We respond to the customers when they call us on our toll-free support number. We may ask certain personal information such as contact number, mail address, name and many more. The provided information is utilized by us for making contact with you related to online support services.

B) We never ask credit card information over the call. It is directly entered by the users.

C) We are authorized to remove content which is not authorized.

D) Information Related to Computer System

The computer of Customer: Sometimes we may also need computer information of customers like brand name, model, date of purchase, configuration, hardware peripherals etc. Sometimes, technical issues are arisen due to the outdated or not supported version of peripherals.

Remote Access: There are several tools which allow end customer to provide authority of operating their system to technical experts via remote internet login. Before accessing your computer, our technical support executives will confirm your allowance. In case of any suspicious attempt, you are advised to inform us on an immediate basis.

We Record Calls: For controlling our quality of our service, we sometimes may record calls. Also, call recording helps us to resolve some conversation gaps or disputes with our customers efficiently.

In case you find some fraudulent activity, kindly directly inform us via our toll-free number anytime.

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