How To Block A Friend On Facebook?


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Are you a Facebook user? then you may know about the highlights and elements of Facebook. Fb awards epic highlights and functions that help clients in all viewpoints. On this social networking platform, an individual can make and post pictures, recordings, status, etc. There are loads of highlights that can be utilized for various purposes like creating Fb page, business page, marketplace and a lot more.

Facebook provides highlights that help in overseeing security like; if any of your companions aren’t behaving in an appropriate manner then you can quickly block that client. Blocking doesn’t imply that you can’t unblock the client as on Fb you can without much of a stretch unblock the clients. If you don’t know How To Block On Facebook then just read this blog and take the measures provided here.

How To Block On Facebook?

Confronting the issues while blocking the friend from Facebook then just follow the directions provided in this blog. In order to get the effective result so follow each step explained in this blog.

  • Firstly, open the on the browser or open the Facebook App on your mobile phone.
  • Then on the login page enter the email address and password, click the login button.
  • As you will tap the login button Facebook homepage will get open from there tap this icon – . This icon will be present on the top right corner of the screen.
  • As you will tap the icon one dropdown will get open from there visit the setting page and then after that tap the blocking alternative.
  • Afterward, block users page will get open, in that page you need to enter the name in the search box, on typing the matching user name will get displayed on the screen, select the same.
  • On tapping the user name pop will display on your screen from there tap the “block” option this will lead to blocking the Facebook user from your friend list.


The steps explained above can help you out in blocking the user from Facebook (Fb). Hope this How To Block On Facebook blog helped you in blocking the user, if not then you reach us by dropping the comment in the comment section box. If we find your query genuine then surely we will revert you and help you in fixing the issue. The blocked user will not be able to view your Facebook profile and even he/she will not be able to view your stories, current/old posts, etc.

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