Can’t transfer money from Paypal to Cash App? Use our assistance


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If you wish to transfer money from Paypal to Cash App but are unable to do so, then you’ve landed at the right place. You can get the issue resolved quickly by using our effective help steps. But before we give you the steps to execute. Let’s take a quick look at what makes the app in high demand.

Cash App is the application that not only offers great services but also comes loaded with features. Some features like boost are popular because they help in saving money.

Let’s now jump into the problem-solving steps that’ll help you to send money from Paypal to Cash App.

Trouble to transfer money from Paypal to Cash App? Use steps below

If you want to transfer money from one payment app to another, then you’ve come to the right place. You can’t transfer the money directly from one money transfer app to another. However, you can achieve your intent in steps. You’ll first have to send money from Paypal to the bank. After that, you can add money from the bank account to Cash App.

  • Go to the balance section of the app
  • Continue to press on the option that says ‘Transfer money’
  • Put in the amount to be transferred
  • Press on the option, displaying transfer now
  • Then maneuver to the wallet page
  • Press on the done option

These are the steps that can be used to move money from Paypal to bank account. These steps can be implemented to move money in phases. Now you can add money from the bank to the Cash App. You can use the steps below to achieve the intent.

Failure to add money from bank to Cash App? Use the steps below

The transfer of money from one app to another is done in phases. If you’ve added money from Paypal to the bank, but can’t add money to Cash App, then use the steps below. These steps will ensure that you can add the money from the bank to the app. Take a look at the solutions that are presented to tackle the challenge below.

  • Activate the app on your mobile phone
  • Move to the balance tab and then continue to press on Cash tab
  • Proceed to scroll down and tap on the option add cash
  • Enter the amount that is necessary and press add cash
  • Verification needs to be done by entering code or by giving a fingerprint
  • On successful verification, you’ll get a confirmation

The steps above are necessary to transfer money from bank to Cash App. In this way, you can use these steps to indirectly transfer money from Paypal to Cash App indirectly.


In a nutshell, you can use the steps mentioned above to transfer money from Paypal to Cash App. The same steps can be used conversely to send money from Cash App to Paypal. Having said that, there is no other method or technique to directly send money from one e app to another. Therefore, you can use the steps that are mentioned above to send money in phases.

So, if you face a tech glitch, then before you contact the customer care, reach us. We’ll give you some solutions that’ll help you in overcoming the tech hurdles.

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