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unlock my yahoo account

How can I protect my account from getting locked?

Unlocking a Yahoo email account seems to be the most difficult task for all users. But actually, it’s one of the easiest things that you can do with Yahoo after sending and receiving emails. Users can access multiple Yahoo services with a single email id and password. hence you cannot open other services if your Yahoo mail is locked. In general cases, a Yahoo account is a lock because of breaking rules. Yes, Yahoo has some privacy rules and users need to maintain them to access Yahoo services. If any user breaks these rules or sends suspicious emails from their account then their account will be locked by Yahoo.Basically, if your account is locked because of entering the wrong password then it will be reactivated automatically after 12 hours. But additionally, there are certain cases when users complain that I am unable to unlock my Yahoo account even after 12 hours. Here we are providing some tips for users to avoid Yahoo unlock accounts.

  • Do not send bulk or multiple emails at once. This will engage the server and result in blockage of Yahoo accounts. Also, make sure that the attached file does not exceed the limit (i.e. 25 MB). Heavy files also create the same problems to the server that multiple files altogether do.
  • If you are using a Yahoo application on the browser then do not forget to clear cache and cookies. These temporary files will slow down the performance of the browser. Hence your Yahoo application stops working and gets locked.
  • If you forgot your Yahoo password and complaint that I locked out of my Yahoo account then do not enter the wrong password repeatedly. Instead, you can try to change your password using the security confirmation code.
  • Do not send illegal and suspicious emails to your contacts. Also, avoid using a Yahoo account illegally on third-party applications.
  • Do not login to your account frequently with new IP addresses and at new locations. Yahoo server tracks the login history of users. So, if you change IP addresses frequency then they can tag you as a spammer and block your account.

How can I unlock a temporarily locked account?

If your account is temporarily locked then you can automatically access it after 12 hours. But what if you have to send urgent mail to your boss? We know that this situation is tragic for every Yahoo user. Hence, we are here to provide you resolutions. So, you need to follow the below steps to unlock your Yahoo account immediately.

  • Go to the Yahoo help forum page on Yahoo website.
  • Select the “Account locked” option in the menu.
  • Now click on the sign-in helper option.
  • Enter your Yahoo login credential i.e. Yahoo registered email id and phone number. If the registered details are not available then you can enter recovery email id and phone number.
  • You will receive a code on the entered email id or phone number. enter that code the below available field.
  • Click on the “Submit” option.

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